Hello, I'm John.

I help startups build awesome products at blazing speed. Here's some of my work.



A tool to track employee happyness

  • I am the solo developer building out the platform using the following tech: Next.js, React.js, Node.js, Prisma, Serverless.
  • Implemented smart testing strategies while still allowing quick product iterations - integration (Jest) and E2E (Cypress).
  • Used GraphQL and Prisma for a super quick setup and flexible backend.
  • Product roadmap planning and writing user stories on Basecamp.


A multi-channel e-commerce platform.

  • I work with 2 other developers to help build out the new Zibbet platform using Ember.js and Ruby on Rails.
  • Very well tested codebase, PR reviews for every feature release.
  • I did backend work on subscription billing system (Braintree), worker jobs running on a schedule (Sidekiq) and frontend work coding up designed components.
  • Worked with the team via a Kanban-style product backlog on Asana.


A platform to collect and evaluate frog calls!

  • I am the solo developer working with the Australian Museum and a mobile development team from IBM to create this whole platform.
  • Optimized backend to support 20,000 users and daily admin workflows.
  • I designed and coded the whole frontend in React.js, and backend + API in Ruby on Rails.
  • Managed user stories, track bugs and client feedback in Basecamp.


A platform for museums to build audio tour apps.

  • I founded this company. I am the solo developer that created the whole platform - a content management system (CMS), and a system to produce white-labelled apps.
  • Supported audio tour apps from the biggest tourist attractions in Australia - Sydney Opera House, Australian Museum, Sydney Living Museums and more!
  • CMS front end was built in React.js, backend in Ruby on Rails. Audio tour apps were created using React Native and Expo
  • I did customer development, wrote user stories and managed customer accounts in Trello

Mobile apps

whale app

AR Whale Trail

An augmented reality app to look for hidden whales!

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treasure hunt app

Westpac 200 Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt app to look for objects around the museum.

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BIG W app

BIG W Easter Egg Hunt

A treasure hunt app to look for virtual easter eggs in retail stores.

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Awesome clients I've worked with: 

When you hire John, you don’t just get a programmer, you get a programmer that is genuinely interested in solving product problems. I would gladly work on more projects with him and highly recommend him.
Ary - Product designer at Canva
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John is one of a kind. He is a true lean startup entrepreneur who can design as well as he can code as well as he gets in front of customers to understand what they want. His attitude is more impressive than his skills. He finds a way forwards with a smile, always.
Phil Morle - Partner at Main Sequence Ventures
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