About John Kueh

My love for software started 10 years ago. Lately, I prefer to build with TypeScript and React. I'm currently contributing as a software engineer at Insight Timer

Outside work, I love cooking and hosting dinner parties at home. I share these experiences a lot on my blog.

Please follow and connect with me on Twitter (DMs are open), or check out my work on GitHub

What people say

Kocha Worapon

Head of Design at Finder.com.au

All-in-one Software Engineer, Designer and Entrepreneur. John is a software engineer who tremendously has a strong sense of empathy, design thinking and another vast of knowledge. Design is an iterative process that takes time to get right. Collaborating with the engineer who can be thinking, feeling and sensing as a designer will agile the process and accelerate the learning curve! It was a fantastic experience to collaborate with John at Insight Timer as John has an entrepreneur/growth mindset and always keen to push the boundary. I’d recommend John for a complex digital product that needs simplicity and accelerate growth!

Ary Sharifi

Director of Product Design at Koala

When you hire John, you don’t just get a programmer, you get a programmer that is genuinely interested in solving product problems. I would gladly work on more projects with him and highly recommend him.

Phil Morle

Partner at Main Sequence Ventures

John is one of a kind. He is a true lean startup entrepreneur who can design as well as he can code as well as he gets in front of customers to understand what they want. His attitude is more impressive than his skills. He finds a way forwards with a smile, always.

Australian Museum - FrogID

2019 Sydney Design Awards - Gold

Since the launch FrogID has successfully collected over 106,000 verified frog calls spanning across 187/240 known frog species. In 18 months FrogID has generated 20% of the total frog records ever collected in Australia, a new record for this area of science.

BIG W - Mobile App

Inside Retail Magazine

Big W’s Great Eggscape Treasure Hunt involved deploying five beacons in 183 Big W stores Australia-wide. Once the app was downloaded, visitors selected which ‘egg’ they wanted to find, and a hot/cold meter in the app guided them to the beacon.